We help individuals overcome emotional food dependency, end yo-yo dieting, & lose weight for GOOD!


It's possible, and we have an entire team to show you how.

Learn how to change your mindset, & improve your relationship with food.

Best of all, learn how to sustainably lose 20, 30, 50, or 100+ lbs and keep those results FOR LIFE!

Fitness Ladies

Every BODY Is Different

Here at ATT Health & Wellness Coaching we NEVER promote a specific body size or shape. We help each individual overcome any mental barrier keeping them from their desired healthy lifestyle. Each BODY is unique, and we embrace the differences and uniqueness of every individual we serve.


You and I both know that diet and exercise alone doesn't work

Yet, has that stopped any of us from trying again and again?! Nope!

How many years have you struggled to obtain a lifestyle of health? How many years have you cared for everything/everyone else but yourself?

You want to be healthier, so you've tried every mainstream piece of advice like: diets, detoxes, keto, 30 Day cleanses, counting calories, low carb, or even starvation :/

You want that perfect miracle solution that will make your dream of health & weight loss a reality.


We believe a healthy lifestyle shouldn't be defined solely by the number on the scale or diets followed.

Instead we believe it should be defined by how much YOU’VE GAINED in terms of quality of life, mental and physical health, your relationship with food, confidence, self love, self care, & longterm sustainability

Let's face it, diet culture masquerades as "health", but usually ends with you feeling sick, restricted, and unhealthy. And when we've had enough we say screw it, and eat all the things right!?

We know you want more than anything to be healthy, lose the weight permanently, & care for yourself. 

But first we want to help you lose the mental weight.

We want to show you how to embrace the lifestyle you want while taking things off your plate such as: past trauma, negative emotions, self sabotaging behaviors, or years of feeling like a failure to name a few.


Transformation DONE RIGHT

There's a better way! We know because we found it, our team is living it, and we're GUIDING 100's of successful clients like Sonia every year

"I'll be the first to tell you this 80lbs loss didn't come from a diet. Adam's team is so caring, & they gave me the framework that I needed to make lasting change. When I first started I had no belief in myself, I was feeling depressed, and was heavily engrained in self sabotaging behaviors. I felt like I'd never overcome my issues with food and weight. There were no gimmicks, no shortcuts. Their method is simple, straight forward, and they supported me every step of the way. They helped me lose the mental weight, and after that everything else fell into place"

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What's our Secret? We focus on 3 key pillars for transformation




Your VIRTUAL SUPPORT SYSTEM consists of a:

Life Coach

Mindset Coach

Hypnosis Practitioner   



Personal Trainer

& Yoga Instructor

Watch the video below to learn what we can do for you!



Giving back, and transforming lives in more ways than one!