Withings Body+ Scale

Perfectly integrated with the app with key metrics to track your progress!


TRX Suspension Bands

The TRX System is phenomenal for a home gym setup! There are TONS of movements that can be performed with this system. It truly is an ALL IN ONE system.


Resistance Bands

Open loop resistance bands for a full body workout.


Resistance bands

Small loop resistance bands for hip strength.


Resistance Bands

Large loop resistance bands.


 TRX Slam Ball - 10LBS

10 LBS Slam Ball Dead Stop


Medicine Ball - 10LBS

10 LBS Medicine Ball Slight Bounce


Soft Kettlebell - Various Weight

This soft kettlebell is great for a full body workout! Comes in various weights.


Marcy Weight Bench

Perfect option for those looking to have their own home gym!


24" Foam Roller

Great for relieving those sore achy muscles!