Train Your Mind First & Then The Body Will Follow

Updated: Jan 12


In todays modern society convenience, ease of use, mindlessness, and effortlessness is king! Want to talk to your friend in China? No problem, just grab your smartphone and give them a call. Need something to eat? Open up Uber Eats and almost anything you'd like can be at your door in around 30 minutes, all without leaving your couch. Need entertainment? No problem, just turn on your tv, slip into some comfy clothes, and binge watch your favorite show.

Want to lose weight? Great - order our product and drink nothing but shakes and meal replacements for the next 3 months and you'll see results. But WARNING! Stop using our product and you'll risk gaining all your weight back.

We've made tremendous leaps forward in our modern age, as well as tremendous leaps backward. Certain things have been dumbed down too much that never should have been. The prevailing mindset in many instances and contexts seems to be, if it's not easy or if there isn't a shortcut or hack, I don't want to do it.

This is particularly true when it comes to health and weight loss. Because we've all grown up in a time that promotes these mindsets, it can be easy to get caught up in the belief that health and weight loss is just one "hack", "trick", or "30 day challenge" away.

People seem to have forgotten that health and weight loss is a conscious choice and a way of life that gets repeated day in and day out. It's not a trend, it's often times not easy, and it requires hard work, self reflection, patience, and self love.

If you stick around long enough you'll hear people say things like "it's a lifestyle".

I like to take it a step further. I say, "it's a lifestyle that got you here and it's a lifestyle that will get you out."

Trying to make permanent change and lose your weight for good using a diet, and not addressing it from the perspective of a lifestyle, is like promising someone they can obtain a 4 year degree after taking one class. Seems absurd right? Yet so many people approach their own health with this mindset.

Unfortunately lifestyle isn't a quick fix product you can offer someone, which is why the internet and social media is filled with never ending fad diet and exercise advice. Even those who know better - like doctors and therapists all the way down to social media influences - find themselves caught between doing what they know they should do or compromising and joining the noisy narrative just to gain relevance.

Look just about everywhere and most if not all rarely speak about mindset when it comes to health and weight loss. If they do, it's the usual shallow advice that's about as affective as throwing a rock into the ocean and expecting a tidal wave.

Essentially, in many important areas of our lives, we're loosing sight of the most powerful and wonderful tool available to us. OUR MINDS. A mind that isn't trained to work for you is a mind that falls for negative habits, self sabotage, food dependency, fad diets, detoxes, carbs are bad, and any other BS dieting and exercise narrative out there.

Let's be very clear, anything claiming to be a solution that doesn't empower you to cultivate and develop your own mind, isn't a solution. It's a product designed for one thing. To maximize the bank account of the one or the many who created it.


The truth is, your mind is your greatest asset when it comes to living healthy and losing your weight for good. The best part is, you got it for free and you didn't have to pay for it. The trade off though is you have to work on your mindset every day to make it work for you and not against you.

Many of the clients who've come to me over the years usually have one thing in common. Their minds work against them. They're caught in the emotional food dependency cycle. Having never learned how to self nurture from an early age, their minds seek external solutions and relief from difficult emotions or circumstances. Easy prey for the BIG DIET industry.

Along with their emotional food dependency, I typically find they also have a negative self image and negative internal dialog. Along with a host of limiting beliefs, self love is a foreign concept, and the tendency of self sabotage is lurking around every corner.

To deliver the final blow, the surrounding society, family, or even friends tell them they need to LOSE their weight - as if they didn't know that already.

This approach is all too familiar, but once again lacks the most important ingredient.


One of the first things I help people to understand is that they DO NOT need to focus on what they think they need to lose. They need to focus on gaining! Many of my clients come to me having already LOST confidence, self esteem, self love, joy, control, hope, and freedom from obsessing over food, and their overall health.

To ask them to focus on losing their weight, having lost so many other things already, is the wrong approach and undignified.

Instead I help them and empower them to focus on what they need to fix mentally. As a result they GAIN things like self love, freedom from emotional food dependency, and the ability to mindfully self nurture. They also gain back self confidence, belief in themselves, positive habits, and a positive relationship with food.

This is just a small fraction of what it means to train your mind first. But the result, if done correctly, is a lifestyle that sets you free from carrying excess weight both physically and mentally.

If you're someone who's been caught in the diet mindset for years or even decades, then you won't want to miss my next blog/video. I'll be explaining how to exit the toxic diet mindset once and for all, and how to start making your mind work for you.