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*Mind First* Weight Loss

Community Membership





The Mind First Weight Loss Membership is all about bringing together the collective support and likemindedness of individuals looking to change their lives for the better! Here we CELEBRATE one another. Here we learn to train our MINDS FIRST.

*WEEKLY Psychology Based Mindset/Life Coaching Videos

Weekly Mindset, Lifestyle, & Life Coaching Lessons With Adam. Learn How To Care For Yourself Mindfully, Rewire Your Mind, End Emotional Eating & Learn How To Improve Your Relationship With Food - With Replay Available 
(delivered in app)

*WEEKLY Nutrition Videos & Cooking Shows

Nutrition Coaching & Cooking Video Lesons (with Chef Audrey). Learn to Build A Proper Relationship With Food, Optimize Overall Gut Health, Optimizing Nutrition To Improve Mental Health & Nourish Your Body To Support Strength & Transformation (delivered in app) 

Professional Chef Created - Customizable 28 Meal Recipie Guide For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks - With NEW RECIPES Delivered Often! (delivered in app)

*LIVE Coach Guided Workouts 


2x/Week Virtual(Zoom) Coach Guided Workout Sessions For ALL Experience Levels - With Replay Available


Weekly LIVE Virtual Q&A Community Support Meetings
With Life Coach Adam & Head Psychologist, Noreen -
With Replay Available (delivered in app)​

Access To Private MIND FIRST Facebook Support Community 

*WEEKLY Movement Programming for up to 5 days

Semi Customized 20 & 40 Minute Long Movement Programs With Video Examples
For IN HOME or IN THE GYM (delivered in app)​ - can be customized to accommodate for injuries and limitations 

Yin Yoga & Meditation Classes

Professional Yoga Instructor Created - Yin Yoga & Sound Meditation Instructional Video Classes for Meditation, Stress Management, and Mobility (delivered in app)

Virtual App Platform

Fully Integrated Health & Wellness APP With Video Coaching, Nutrition Tracking, Habit Tracking, & Virtual Coaching Along With Fitness Device and Body Scale Integration for Apple Watch, Fitbit, & Withings Scales

Digital Workbook

Digital Workbook to keep track of daily mindset, nutrition, and movement goals. With the addition of sections to plan out daily meals with the Mind First Meal Plan.


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Earn Free Weeks For Referring Friends or Family Who Sign Up!

When You Upgrade to Full 1on1 Hypnotherapy, Yoga Instruction, & Meal Prep Delivery Service​

For every package we sell, 5% of gross profits are given to YOUTH VILLAGES' LIFESET program


​Valued at $1998/month

Your NEW Price! - Choose how you pay

$160 Bi-Weekly or $320/Month

*Mind First*

1On1 Membership

Pricing: $249 Bi-Weekly, or $498/Month

The 1on1 Package comes with ALL THE FEATURES of the community package, along with the addition of the items below

*Capped at 6 clients 

- 60 Minute Welcome Session/Consultation
- Weekly 30 Minute, 1On1 Life Coaching Sessions With Coach Adam
- Fully Customized Movement Program
- Fully Customized Meal Plans


How to start

First, click the "purchase" button below the program.

Next, choose where you're most comfortable performing exercise. We offer programs for in the gym or in home.

Once you've decided on a program, go ahead and purchase. Remember, if you decided to purchase you have the option to pay monthly or bi-weekly.

CONGRATULATIONS! Once you've started, check your email for an invitation to download your CUSTOMIZED APP & PROGRAM. Once that's done, watch your "welcome video" to get started!


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