Coach Adam

Owner, Founder, & Head Coach at ATT Health & Wellness Coaching LLC -

Life Coach 


Personal Trainer 

At the core of who I am there is a passion, joy, and craving for success that lies in the continuing drive to help others achieve their goals, change their bodies, and overcome unhealthy eating habits and mindsets. We as human beings have an amazing ability and privilege to better ourselves in ANYTHING we choose. We all have our mountains, our struggles, our addictions. That one thing in life that we feel powerless against - the difference between living and existing is how you handle such things when they come! Let me be your guide to wherever you want to go. My goals are to encourage you, inspire you, hold you accountable, and transform your mind and to help you have fun - I'm here to help. I'm here to listen. I'm here to coach. I'm here for you.

  • Certifications

    • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

    • NASM Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

    • Precision Nutrition Certified Nutritionist

    • NSA Certified Life Coach

    • FMS Certified Movement Screening Specialist



Mindset Coach & Hypnosis Practitioner

Noreen Roman is a practicing life coach, specializing in transformation and mindset. She is also a Reiki Master and certified hypnosis practitioner. She integrates all of these modalities into a personalized experience for each client. More than anything, Noreen wants her clients to know that the version of themselves they have been dreaming of is closer than they think!  She expertly guides her clients to push past their limiting beliefs and to realize their true and awesome potential! 

Noreen has received a masters degree and specialist certification in School Psychology, teaches college-level psychology courses, and regularly facilitates workshops on self-care and stress management.




Meet Audrey the owner of We’ve Got You Covered LLC.

Audrey wanted to create a business that was affordable, environmentally conscious and not like all the other things out there. She prides the business on being almost zero waste. We’ve Got You Covered LLC cooks prepared meals for anyone who eats. We offer healthy options as well as family style meals. Audrey has always thought, if you are going to eat it, you may as well like it. She always tries to present tasteful options and show that when you decide

to eat healthy, it can actually taste amazing! She takes pride in what she cooks, and she is always changing it up. She always goes the extra mile to create different tastes and textures in each meal. She really does want people to like what they eat and be excited to eat it. She gets great joy cooking for others. So whether you are having her cook for you, or creating menus for you, always remember: Whatever you need We’ve Got You Covered!

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Monique Villafana Evans, a curious and courageous yogi who began a journey of healing and self-love, during a time where neither of the two were insight. Curiosity and the courage to surrender, ultimately guided her to a powerful life-changing discovery called, Yoga. Yoga was the tool Monique needed to find her truest self, her true identity, and the power of healing. This divine moment was when Monique’s life truly began to MOVE! Now Monique’s “soul purpose” is to serve others in helping them discover their true self. By creating a sacred space for students to be vulnerable and find their own unique way of healing, with the guidance of a powerful transformative MOVE Yoga Life class.


Team pricing

Noreen Roman Wellness

Wellness Coaching provides specialized support and accountability toward meeting your goals!

Coaching prices (55 minute sessions)

  • $150/session

  • $405/ 3 sessions- 10% savings

  • $765/ 6 sessions- 15% savings

  • Small group coaching- 75 minute sessions (3-6 participants max)

$85/per participant

Hypnotherapy sessions include wellness coaching plus a full hypnosis session customized to your needs and desired outcomes.Hypnosis FAQs

Hypnotherapy prices (75 minute sessions)

  • $175/session

  • $472/ 3 sessions- 10% savings

  • $892/ 6 sessions- 15% savings

  • Small group hypnotherapy 75 minute session (3-5 participants max) 

$85/per participant 

Audrey - We've Got You Covered

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Monique - Move Yoga Life

Private 1V1 Yin Yoga & Sound Meditation Session
- $135/Session